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AllMax almost triples the serving size for the Xtreme version of Impact Pump

Allmax Nutrition Impact Pump Xtreme

AllMax Nutrition has a new pre-workout available for those who prefer not to have any stimulants or are after something that can be stacked with a stimulant-backed supplement, like its already available Impact Igniter Xtreme, for extra performance, pumps, and focus. The product is named similar to Impact Igniter Xtreme with Impact Pump Xtreme, and it is a spin-off or follow-on from the original Impact Pump, but like all good sequels, the Xtreme version has a lot more to offer.

Impact Pump Xtreme from AllMax Nutrition is similar to Impact Pump in the sense that it features a formula to support muscle pumps, mental focus, and performance. It is essentially a one-stop shop, supporting all of the pre-workout benefits you could want, excluding stimulants and energy. The Xtreme variant sets itself apart from the first Impact Pump by simply having a lot more inside to drive all of the effects, with a serving size that is almost three times as heavy.

AllMax Nutrition has packed a lot of the same ingredients in Impact Pump Xtreme as Impact Pump but mostly higher dosages such as citrulline now at 8g of pure citrulline, not 6g of citrulline malate, GlycerPump glycerol doubled to 2g, and double the agmatine too at a gram per maximum serving. Joining all of those upgrades is the premium pump component Nitrosigine, as well as a gram of PeakO2 for performance, and newly added beta-alanine and betaine at 3.2g and 2.5g, respectively, for extra performance support.

As mentioned, AllMax Nutrition powers pumps, performance, and focus in Impact Pump Xtreme, and helping drive that focus portion of the new stimulant-free pre-workout is alpha-GPC, choline, and a couple of other premium ingredients by way of RhodioPrime and the caffeine-free stimulant Zynamite.

AllMax Nutrition is launching Impact Pump Xtreme in two flavors, one of which is from the menu of Impact Pump in a traditional Blue Raspberry, followed by something a bit sweeter and candy-like in Sour Gummy. The legacy Canadian sports nutrition brand is expected to be selling the genuinely more extreme pre-workout for the same as the original, however, you won’t get as many servings per bottle, in fact, it’s been halved to 15 maximum, compared to the 30 found in Impact Pump.