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Altered releases a second protein powder utilizing high-quality New Zealand whey

Altered Nutrition 100 Wheypro

Altered Nutrition in Australia has added to its selection of premium sports nutrition supplements this week by way of a second protein powder, separate from its already available, 100% Isolate, powered by high-quality New Zealand grass-fed whey isolate. 100% WheyPro is the name of the up-and-coming company’s latest offering, which may not rely on whey isolate like 100% Isolate, but it still uses reputable New Zealand grass-fed whey in the form of whey concentrate.

100% WheyPro’s nutrition profile isn’t as lean as Altered Nutrition’s 100% Isolate, although it is right in line with the many other competitors in the protein powder field, packing 25g of protein a serving, 2g of fat, 3.5g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, and all ending on 132 calories. The brand has also carried over its absorption and digestion-enhancing twist from 100% Isolate into 100% WheyPro, adding an effective dose of the premium digestive enzyme blend DigeZyme.

The price of Altered Nutrition’s 100% WheyPro protein powder is lower per gram than that of 100% Isolate at $69.95 (45.00 USD) for a tub of 26 servings in your choice of classic flavors Chocolate Milk and Vanilla Ice Cream, as well as a fruity Strawberry Milk. The New Zealand grass-fed whey isolate sits at $84.95 (54.67 USD), but the price is closer than it initially appears as the protein concentration in that one is much greater, with 27 servings, each providing 30g of protein.

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