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Apollon announces a stimulant-stacked pre-workout that is anything but a prank

Apollon Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Apollon Nutrition got fans going last year for April Fools’ Day when it teased the coming of a pre-workout with even more caffeine than it already has in its potent, hard-hitting pre-workouts, Assassin and the balanced Hooligan. This year, for the day of creativity, innovation, concepts, and pranks, the hardcore supplement company has something that’s very real and just as intense, with a completely new pre-workout that takes things up a notch in terms of potency, even coming from the likes of Apollon.

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is an all-new pre-workout coming soon from Apollon Nutrition, and even though it’s being announced on April Fools’ Day, this is not a prank, despite how much you may think so from the name and even the over-the-top high-stimulant formula. The supplement is one of the most potent and stimulant-loaded pre-workouts we’ve seen from the two-time Brand Of The Year, and again, that is saying something as it is already known for delivering powerhouse products for that category.

Apollon Nutrition’s It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World pre-workout has a few ingredients for non-sensory benefits with 8g of pure citrulline and 5g of betaine for pumps, and a double dose of beta-alanine at 6.4g to power performance. Alongside all of that is an absolutely stacked set of ingredients for energy and focus, and we can’t stress enough how stacked it is. In combination with the pump and performance components is a hefty 4g of tyrosine and a huge 1g of alpha-GPC to add focus to the experience.

Apollon Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World Label

Taking things a whole lot further in the pre-workout, It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, is a 3.272g non-transparent blend of stimulants, and while it is a proprietary blend, that weight is more than enough to ensure you’re not getting cut short on anything. Filling out that blend are the likes of theobromine, halostachine, isopropylnorsynephrine, juglans regia, an undoubtedly intense amount of the always potent alpha yohimbine, eria jarensis, phenylethylamine, and a combined 600mg of caffeine from three sources.

To say Apollon Nutrition has packed out It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is an understatement, as mentioned, it is the most loaded stimulant-heavy pre-workout we’ve seen from the brand. This product is indeed happening, despite the day it’s being announced, and it is going to be available in just a few days at the end of the week. It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is launching in a lone flavor called The Big O at a premium price similar to its other pre-workouts, and you get the usual 20 maximum servings a tub.