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Arla strengthens its performance position with the acquisition of Volac’s whey division

Arla Acquires Volac

Two nutrition giants on the ingredient and production side of the industry have come together to create an even more powerful competitor in that area of business. Arla Food Ingredients, known for its innovative dairy and protein solutions, has announced its acquisition of Volac, a leader in whey-based nutrition for sports and health markets. You may be more familiar with Volac by way of its various branded ingredients, like Volactive Ultra Whey Xtra Pure, Ultra Whey Velicious, and Volactose edible lactose.

Arla Foods Ingredients is set to specifically acquire Volac’s whey nutrition business, enhancing its global production capabilities by integrating its flagship facility, which is central to Volac’s whey-based sports nutrition products. This move perfectly aligns with Arla’s goal of expanding its growing presence in the performance, health, and food sectors. Concurrently, for Volac, it represents a strategic evolution, allowing it to concentrate on its animal nutrition business while leveraging Arla’s expertise to further develop the whey division.

“This brings together two complementary offerings in a growing and increasingly international space for whey products. Volac is a pioneer in the use of whey protein for performance nutrition and has a wealth of expertise as well as an incredibly talented team. It shares our commitment to helping companies worldwide harness the full potential of whey, and we’re hugely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.” – Group Vice President and Managing Director or Arla Foods Ingredients Luis Cubel.

The acquisition will undoubtedly and presumably very quickly strengthen Arla Foods Ingredients’ position in the sport and performance nutrition area of the industry, despite it already having a prominent and continually growing position. You can read the complete press release on either side’s website, Arla or Volac’s, although they both say exactly the same thing, so you won’t be missing out which ever way you go.

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