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Be Good Bakery from Will Tennyson rolls out a whey and casein protein three months after launch

Be Good Bakery Power Up Protein Powder

A few months back, YouTube superstar and fitness influencer Will Tennyson became a competitor in the world of sports nutrition with his brand Be Good Bakery and its debut product, the intriguing ball-shaped protein snack Protein Donut Holes. That launch was quickly followed by confirmation of further interest in the industry, far enough that it would be getting into supplements eventually, as around the time it hit the market, it also previewed a Be Good Bakery protein powder.

That protein powder from Will Tennyson and Be Good Bakery has officially been released three months after the brand was introduced. The first powder supplement from the brand is called Power Up Protein Powder, and it brings together fast-absorbing whey concentrate and slower-digesting casein to provide a solid 26g of protein per serving. That does come with an above-average amount of carbohydrates at 6g, half of that sugar, and 2g of fat, leading to 150 calories.

With Be Good Bakery starting out as a functional food company, flavor has to be at the forefront of its mind, and it does sound as though that continues into Power Up Protein Powder, pairing the whey and casein-powered recipe with a delicious Vanilla Milkshake flavor. Will Tennyson’s Be Good Bakery does only have the one taste to choose from for its first supplement, and you can get it starting this week from at $44 for a 1.8lb tub packing 21 servings.