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Black Magic gets in on the creatine category by way of a simple standalone competitor

Black Magic Bulk Creatine

Simple and standalone as well as complex creatine-based muscle builders have become much more common products with sports nutrition brands in recent years, resulting in an increase in competition as well as innovation on the formula side of things. The reputable Black Magic Supply has joined the party this week, although it’s taken the simpler route of a bulk standalone supplement, keeping it straight to the point with Creatine Monohydrate, featuring the one and only ingredient called out right in its title.

Black Magic Supply’s creatine is as basic as it gets, with a 300g bottle of unflavored, tried and true creatine monohydrate to support muscle strength, power, and performance. You can break that down however you please, where if you have 3g a day, you’ll get 100 servings out, or if you prefer the full 5g, that works out, not 60 servings or two months’ supply. The product can be purchased directly through the brand’s website at $24.99, and again, it’s unflavored, making it easy to stack with the rest of its lineup.