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Original underground brand Black Market is finally getting into protein powder

Black Market Previews Cuts Protein Powder

For the longest time, right from its inception, Black Market has been a pre-workout specialist, selling only products in that saturated, highly competitive category. Its debut supplements were the high-powered DMAA-era pre-workouts AdreNOlyn Bulk and AdreNOlyn Cuts, the former having extra testosterone-boosting ingredients and the latter having added support for weight management. The original underground brand has ventured into other sports nutrition spaces and is about to enter somewhere it’s never been with Cuts Protein Powder.

Cuts Protein is the first-ever protein powder Black Market has ever produced, and obviously, its name is a continuation of its original pre-workout AdreNOlyn Cuts, which is now simply known as Cuts. Like the pre-workout, it combines its core purpose with a few thermogenic and weight-loss components. We have to imagine if we’re getting Cuts Protein Powder, Bulk Protein is also likely, mixing a source of protein and muscle-building components.

Black Market is planning to launch Cuts Protein Powder in a few days on Monday of next week in a lone Chocolate flavor, and it is notably coming in a small bottle, neither of the bigger common sizes like a 2lb, 4lb, or 5lb. That would suggest fans of the original underground brand aren’t getting a supremely large number of servings as the supplement tips the scales at 471g. Let’s say Cuts Protein’s serving is around the usual 30 to 31g, which would give the supplement a light 15 servings, which is worth keeping in mind when comparing value.