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Premium women’s brand Body By K launches its own direct-to-consumer online store

Body By K Online Store

When having separate brands or lines under the one company, it is very important to differentiate each of them from one another. Say, for example, you have a protein powder from one brand for hardcore bodybuilders and another line that does a protein but is more for health and wellness-focused individuals. You wouldn’t want consumers to be put off or confused by one or the other or think one is better or worse, and the brands are stepping stones; so it’s always best to give them separate socials and websites.

Body By K from Apollon Nutrition CEO Karalina Malachayeva is going through that separation or distinction this week, a few months after hitting the market near the end of last year. Body By K and Apollon are two very separate companies, both relying on high-powered, well-put-together formulas, but they’re made for rather different audiences. The team behind the female-marketed, health, wellness, and beauty brand has just launched a dedicated Body By K online store to shop direct at

Those of you who are already fans of Body By K or are interested in learning more about its supplements — Black Tulip, IsoGen protein powder, and Radiant — can head to that website where you’ll find full details on everything and a place to purchase for all of the same prices as they were in Apollon’s online store.

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