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Bodylab expands its selection of dedicated carbohydrate supplements

Bodylab Carbo Fuel And Recovery

Having separate protein and carbohydrate supplements is a convenient way to go for the specific use of either macronutrient, whether that be together to make a tailored post-workout or mass gainer, or mixed in with some aminos or electrolytes for a comprehensive intra-workout. Bodylab in Denmark has come out with two products for that area of the sports nutrition industry in Carbo Fuel and Carbo Recovery, both of which are carbohydrate-based supplements, although one has a bit more to it.

Bodylab Carbo Fuel is a straight carbohydrate offering with about 47g of carbohydrates in a 50g serving from maltodextrin and isomaltulose, and there is a touch of electrolytes for additional hydration and performance support. As for Carbo Recovery, which has a similar sort of combination with maltodextrin and isomaltulose for 34g of carbs in a similar sized 50g serving, plus the electrolytes, and for that muscle-building and recovery spin, it also has whey isolate providing a moderate 10g of protein.

As mentioned, Bodylab’s Carbo Fuel and Carbo Recovery are relatively straightforward supplements, one being more of a stackable and versatile carbohydrate competitor and the other adding protein for whatever area of your day and diet that suits. The mostly standalone Carbo Fuel is available in Pink Grape and Peach Ice Tea flavors at 69 DKK for a 1kg bag of powder, then Carbo Recovery comes in a lone Lemon Lime option in that same 1kg size but for an appropriately higher cost of 89 DKK.

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