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Classic granola gets a high-protein twist at Bodylab in two tasty flavors

Bodylab Protein Granola

Bodylab doesn’t have many gaps in its catalog; in fact, it arguably has none if your goal is to buy absolutely everything you need nutritionally and performance-wise. The Danish giant extensively covers proteins, carbohydrates, functional foods, pre-workout, amino acids, and many other health and wellness essentials. With that said, month after month, it continues to find new areas and innovations to bring to market, and here, near the end of April, we have another in Protein Granola.

The name of Bodylab’s latest creation says it all, as it is indeed granola combined with a source of protein. The main ingredients in the functional product are granola and soy-based protein crisps, which are alongside a few other components for flavoring. Those flavors are Berries, and for those that want a twist of chocolate in the morning, Chocolate Chip, providing 22g of protein, but you only get that in a hefty 100g serving, with 32g of carbohydrates, 20g of fat, and a hefty 435 calories.

Bodylab Protein Granola fills that niche of granola that squeezes in a bit more protein than the traditional and popular food, plus it’s not neutral or unflavored, it comes in two tasty options with blueberries and currants in Berries and hazelnuts with actual chunks of chocolate in Chocolate Chip. You can get the protein-packed granola straight from Bodylab’s online store at a regular and very reasonable 159DKK for a 350g bag or stock up with three bags for a discounted 43DKK (6.13 USD).

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