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Bucked Up puts over $100,000 in prizes inside its Gold flavor at Vitamin Shoppe

Bucked Up Gold Flavor At Vitamin Shoppe

About a year ago, Bucked Up put what proved to be an incredibly successful limited edition flavor of two of its stimulant pre-workouts, into GNC, and there was a huge reason as to why it got a lot of attention. The brand called the flavor Gold, featuring an eye-catching gold-colored bottle for the self-titled Bucked Up pre-workout and Woke AF. To add to the allure of the product, Bucked Up put 1,200 golden tickets into randomly selected bottles that instantly won cash and credit prizes of up to $1,000.

Bucked Up has brought back that exciting and rewarding Gold flavor of the Bucked Up and Woke AF pre-workouts, but this time, it has been exclusively put into the other major sports nutrition retailer, The Vitamin Shoppe. For the second coming of the special edition products, the brand has hidden 950 golden tickets, with even bigger prizes; 555 x $50 in store credit, 250 x $100 credit, 100 x $250 credit, 25 x $500 credit, 10 x $100 cash, 5 x $250 cash, 2 x $500, 2 x $1,000, and a lone grand prize of $10,000.

Bucked Up hasn’t produced as many winning tubs of Gold Bucked Up and Woke AF but the stakes are significantly higher, especially with that giant top prize of $10,000 cash. To take part, simply head to The Vitamin Shoppe and grab a bottle of either product, and the brand is saying your chances are 1 in 40, which is pretty high but also theoretically means there are only 38,000 units of Gold out there.

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