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Celsius beginning distribution across the UK this quarter and France later in the year

Celsius Launching In The Uk Ireland France

Billion-dollar-beverage brand Celsius recently announced it would be expanding down under into Australia and New Zealand, bringing its signature clean and metabolism-supporting energy drink to shelves in the competitive region. The giant is partnering with Suntory Beverage & Food Oceania to both produce and distribute its presumably altered selection of products, and that is far from where Celsius’ international plans end as it is also about to arrive in the UK and Europe.

Coming into the second quarter of 2024, Celsius is preparing to dial up production and distribution with Suntory Beverage & Food’s Great Britain and Ireland arm, indeed for distribution across the major markets in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The UK is already a fiercely competitive space for energy drinks, with plenty of players, including the powerhouse Monster, the dominating Red Bull, which has an incredible presence throughout Europe, and the performance-powering C4 Energy.

Celsius is also working in partnership with Suntory Beverage & Food once again for a stake in the European market, specifically France by way of Suntory Beverage & Food France. Similar to Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland, Celsius is working with that division of the company to domestically produce and distribute its line of energy drinks set to kick off in quarter four. After officially becoming a billion-dollar brand in 2023, Celsius clearly has its sights set on pushing things even further, and like many other successful energy drinks, it is doing that by way of international expansion.

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