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Barebells adds a delicious layer of caramel to Cookies & Cream for its first dual-flavor

Cookies Caramel Barebells Protein Bar

There has been a lot of hype leading into the reveal and release of Barebells’ promising and heavily teased all-new protein bar, and based on the few sneak peeks, we had our suspicions on what we could be in for. We were at least going in the right direction but didn’t guess exactly what it has turned out to be. The latest edible innovation from the Swedish functional food specialist is essentially a plus version of a popular flavor of the Barebells Protein Bar, where it takes the original experience and adds to it.

Barebells has powered up its one of the first-ever flavors available for its category-leading and number-one-rated protein snack in the Cookies & Cream Barebells Protein Bar. The brand has taken everything that made the classic cookies and cream combination enjoyable and inserted a layer of sweet and salty caramel. The product is the Cookies & Caramel Barebells Protein Bar, and that caramel isn’t replacing anything; as mentioned, it has simply been added in on top of all that Cookies & Cream has going on.

Despite the Cookies & Caramel Barebells Protein Bar basically being a more decadent version of what it was, the nutrition profile has remained pretty much the same. You still get 20g of protein, identical carbohydrates at 17g with just above a gram of that sugar, 7.3g of fat, and a sub-200 calorie count of 198. The build of the extension is delicious, as you’d expect, with a chocolate cookie base, gooey caramel across the top, and covered in chocolate and cookie crisps, and it’s out now in the brand’s home country.

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