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Hydration specialist Cwench prepares to debut with stick packs, tubs and a sports drink

Cwench Hydration

Cwench Hydration is a cleverly spelled and intriguingly colorful sports nutrition company coming down the pipeline, and true to its title, it is going to be participating in the ever-expanding world of hydration, although it is launching in a very different manner. Most newcomers to the category enter by way of a powder supplement, usually in stick packs or straight bulk powder, or with a ready-to-drink beverage. Cwench Hydration is instead coming at it from all angles, hitting the market with a Cwench hydration supplement and drink.

You can get a glimpse of the various formats Cwench Hydration is making for its hydration product in the graphics, which include single-serving stick packs in boxes of ten; a tub of bulk powder providing 45 servings; and lastly, an actual Cwench Hydration Drink, offering all of the same benefits as the powders. We haven’t seen the formulas behind any of the items, but we have seen the highlights with a comprehensive seven different electrolytes for hydration and performance, the three all-important BCAAs for muscle recovery and repair, and to ensure you get a nutritionally clean experience, there is absolutely no sugar and low calories.

According to the upcoming Cwench Hydration, it is aiming to drop its full family of hydration products in the near future, somewhere during the spring season, which we are in right now, so don’t be too surprised if the brand suddenly makes a move and everything goes live. You can sign up to be notified the minute Cwench Hydration’s stick packs, powder supplement, and sports drink go live at, and there will be four flavors for each product in Cherry Lime, Berry Crush, Blue Raspberry, and Rainbow Swirl.