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KSM-66-backed Calm and TUDCA-based Liver Support go live on NutraBio’s website

Details On Nutrabio Calm And Liver Support

Last week, NutraBio teased the coming of two completely new supplements, and while they were mostly blurred out, we could read a few words, and as it turns out, those words are indeed the official names of the products that are now available. Joining the reputable sports nutrition competitor’s health and wellness department is Calm and Liver Support, the former designed to enhance mood and improve relaxation, and the latter to comprehensively support liver health and function.

Both of the all-new supplements from NutraBio rely on three main ingredients, with Calm bringing together the multi-effect KSM-66 ashwagandha — including stress and rest benefits — at its full and effective 600mg a serving plus 200mg of theanine and 100mg of GABA. As for Liver Support, as mentioned, that also rolls together three key components with 500mg of the high-quality and highly effective TUDCA, another half a gram of milk thistle, and 600mg of n-acetyl-cysteine.

The prices on each of the health and wellness supplements are quite different, but that is to be expected, especially with premium TUDCA and n-acetyl-cysteine in the same formula, as those two, even standalone, are relatively pricey. NutraBio Liver Support, straight from the brand’s online store at, is $59.99 for a full month’s supply, which is more than reasonable for its contents, then for Calm, the price comes in at $19.99 for the same amount of servings per bottle at 30.