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Enhanced Labs transparently utilizes superior ioWhey in its new premium protein powder

Enhanced Labs Io Premium Whey

Enhanced Labs has undergone a complete revamp this month, involving a new powerful look across its entire selection of supplements, and included in that massive makeover is the introduction of some all-new products, including the testosterone booster Top T. Another product that has debuted with the evolution of Enhanced Labs is iO Premium Whey, an innovative and advanced protein supplement that utilizes Plasma Nutrition’s superior ingredient optimized whey isolate.

The all-new iO Premium Whey from Enhanced Labs relies on Plasma Nutrition’s premium ioWhey isolate and regular whey concentrate to provide 24g of protein per serving, which transparently breaks down to 13.2g from whey concentrate and the rest from ioWhey. With the Plasma’s superior bioavailability and equivalency claims, you’re getting the same sort of benefits as about 27.9g of protein in that 24g, compared to if the brand has standard whey isolate in iO Premium Whey.

Enhanced Labs Io Premium Whey Label

The rest of the nutrition profile in Enhanced Labs’ all-new protein powder is nice and lean with the 24g of protein alongside 2g of carbohydrates, half of that sugar, 3g of fat, and 130 calories. To further separate the supplement from the immense competition of the protein category, the brand also has a gram of goCOCOA cocoa butter in its recipe, as well as the premium digestive enzyme blend DigeSEB.

You can get Enhanced Labs’ iO Premium Whey directly from its online store at at $55.99, which is on the premium side, but that is fitting with the involvement of Plasma Nutrition’s superior ioWhey isolate and DigeSEB digestive enzymes. That price is for a tub of 20 servings, and that can come down if you subscribe to receive the product regularly, falling to $47.60. There are also two flavors to choose from, both classics, in Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Waffle Cone.