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Enhanced Labs begins its brand evolution with the comprehensive test booster Top T

Enhanced Labs Top T

Enhanced Labs is undergoing a major revamp in terms of appearance and selection of supplements, with the first item available under this brand evolution being Top T, an advanced competitor for the testosterone-boosting category. Enhanced Labs has always had quite the presence in the world of muscle-building products, and that obviously includes test boosters, with Top T coming in as one of its most robust and comprehensive entries yet, approaching from all sorts of angles.

Top T from Enhanced Labs can be purchased directly through its online store at, alongside its many previously released supplements, some of the most recent being the Protein Pancake, Clear Protein, and the extensive Core Line. The price of the full-spectrum testosterone booster Top T is about what you’d expect from the brand in this category and the selection of ingredients that have been jammed in there at $69.99 for a typical bottle of 30 servings to supply you with an entire month.

Enhanced Labs Top T Label

Moving into the ingredients and dosages behind Enhanced Labs Top T, as you can see above, it is a lengthy one, with the brand requiring a respectable four capsules to squeeze it all in. It has many of the usual suspects for this sort of supplement, with the likes of maca, shilajit, and tongkat ali or longjack, each at 200mg a serving. Some other common inclusions in the mix are 200mg of epimedium, 50mg each of DIM and DHEA, 5mg of boron, and half the usual 600mg of ashwagandha at 300mg.

Some of the not-so-common components in Enhanced Labs’ testosterone-boosting Top T are the popular fadogia agrestis at 500mg, not the gram amount we’ve seen. Then you have two branded ingredients in EndoFlo, first seen at NutriFitt, and 100mg of ProtoTest dioscorea nipponica, which is said to be clinically tested, but we couldn’t find any details from the company behind it, Aura Scientific. Altogether, the combination aims to naturally boost testosterone beyond Enhanced Labs’ original Black Ox, to, in turn, support muscle building, strength, performance, libido, recovery, and general hormone health.