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Ghost announces its premium competitor for the essential joint support category

Ghost Joint

Yesterday’s teaser from Ghost has indeed turned into what we suspected, with the introduction of a completely new supplement, the first since Ghost Legend All-Out, and the first extension into a whole new category from the brand in an even longer time. Ghost Joint is the sports nutrition product the brand has been hard at work on behind the scenes, and as you’d expect from the reputable, multi-award-winning competitor, it features a robust and reliable formula.

Ghost Joint brings together all of the usual suspects to comprehensively support joint health, comfort, and function with 1.2g of chondroitin, 1.5g of glucosamine, and a gram of OptiMSM MSM. Outside of those classic inclusions, there are a few other familiar joint ingredients like hyaluronic acid at a solid 200mg and the premium type II collagen, UC-II chicken cartilage at 40mg, providing collagen.

Ghost Joint Label

Moving further into the formula of Ghost Joint, you get some premium and proven ingredients for the supplement’s goal of increasing and enhancing joint function by way of the superior Crucmin C3 Reduct at 500mg, and Univestin branded Chinese skullcap at 250mg for its anti-inflammatory as well as joint mobility properties. Lastly, there is AquaLOX boswellia at 40mg Ghost Joint, the water-soluble version of 5-LOXIN, backed by eight studies, plus BioPerine for better uptake and absorption.

Altogether Ghost Joint does what we’ve seen the lifestyle supplement company do in many other categories around the industry, and that is give fans and followers a product they can rely on and won’t be disappointed in. Here, Ghost has squeezed in many reliable and modern, edgy ingredients, all at respectable dosages in flavored powder format. The joint health supplement is coming to market in about a week, in two flavors, one of them being a sweet Kiwi Strawberry.