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Sneak peek suggests Ghost’s next drop is going to be a completely new supplement

Ghost Mysterious All New Supplement For 04 20

Ghost made a bold statement at the beginning of the year, saying it is planning to put a lot more focus and attention on the supplement side of its business as its beverage portion, consisting of the Ghost Energy Drink and Ghost Hydration Drink, goes from strength to strength. We’ve already seen plenty of that happening here in 2024, with the original lifestyle company introducing its sports drink, new flavors and collaborations, international expansion, and the hugely successful Ghost Protein Cereal.

There is a mysterious preview Ghost has posted this week of a powder-format supplement featuring a unique background design, suggesting it is a completely new product. The brand keeps the artwork in behind the same for every flavor of a specific supplement like Ghost Legend and Ghost Burn, with the exception being an authentic collaboration. In the brand’s preview, the label doesn’t look like anything else currently in the robust Ghost catalog, suggesting we’re getting an entirely new innovation.

It’s been an incredible amount of time since we’ve seen a completely new supplement from Ghost; the last one we remember was the well-rounded and hard-hitting Ghost Legend All-Out from about one and a half years ago. The award-winning brand already has most of the areas of the sports nutrition industry covered, so if we are indeed looking at a product innovation from Ghost, it’ll be intriguing to find out what it is, as it doesn’t really have many gaps left to fill, already competing in all of the main areas.

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