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Goli makes a nootropic gummy backed by cognition-enhancing Cognizin

Goli Nutrition Matcha Mind Gummies

The gummy supplement company Goli Nutrition has expanded well beyond its original success of the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and into all sorts of other multi-benefit, functional ingredients that can fit into the delicious format of gummy candy. This week it is introducing its first innovation in quite some time with Goli Matcha Mind Gummies, a rather intriguing two-ingredient product that highlights its main components in its name with matcha plus something for focus and cognition.

Goli Nutrition’s Matcha Mind Gummies come with 100mg of matcha powder, and for the more interesting nootropic side of the supplement, you get a highly effective 250mg of Cognizin to support focus, attention, cognition, and brain health. Being in the format that it is, the product does come with some nutrition, where each of the seemingly matcha-flavored gummies has 4.5g of carbohydrates, 3g of that sugar, for a calorie count of 35, and you can double all of that for the two-gummy serving.

The official Goli Nutrition website has always been and still is the place to go to purchase anything from the brand’s catalog, and that continues for Matcha Mind Gummies, with the pricing right around the same as all of its other items as well. You can get a single bottle of 30 servings of the Cognizin-fueled nootropic supplement at $19, $17.50 each for three, or go big for the five pack at $17 a piece, with an additional 15% discount if you subscribe to receive a number of bottles regularly.

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