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Haleo combines glutamine and patented MetAGin for an everyday health product

Haleo G Force

Haleo in Japan has debuted an all-new glutamine-based supplement named G-Force, in tablet format, although while the main ingredient is classic glutamine, the sports nutrition company has given it a bit of a twist to separate it from your typical standalone offering. The product has 300 tablets a bottle, which is a lot, but that’s because a single serving is ten tablets, although that’s to be expected if you’re going to get enough glutamine, and in G-Force, Haleo has dosed the amino acid at 3g.

Where Haleo attempts to differentiate G-Force from the mountain of glutamine supplements out there on the market, and there are a lot, is it has infused its latest innovation with something called MetAGin. That is a patented and proven metabolite of fermented ginseng root for the purpose of replacing metabolites removed and disposed of by intestinal bacteria. MetAGin joins glutamine in G-Force for a combined effort to improve gut function and general health, and wellness.

G-Force is an intriguing supplement from Haleo in Japan, mostly due to its primary goal, as glutamine is typically promoted for recovery, although here it is an internal health and wellness approach with further support by way of the patented MetAGin. The price of a 30-serving or month’s supply of G-Force directly through the brand’s online store is not too bad at ¥4,500 (29.08 USD), and there is a bundle option with a bottle each of G-Force and the multivitamin Vivo at a discount ¥12,634.

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