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Grab the newest Hosstility V2 flavor and you could instantly win a Hosstile Starter Pack

Hosstile Golden Ticket Hosstility V2

Fouad Abiad’s brand recently released a revamped version of its signature stimulant pre-workout Hosstility V2, making a number of tweaks and changes to the supplement, and like all good sequels, they’re all for the better. To continue the hype and excitement around the product, the brand has gone and added another taste to the menu of the pre-workout, the first for Hosstility V2 that isn’t the limited edition Raging Red Gummy dropped at this year’s Arnold Sports Festival.

The new flavor for Hosstile’s latest supplement innovation is a classic Blue Raspberry, and there is an added incentive to get in and grab yourself a bottle as soon as possible. Under the lid of ten randomly selected bottles of the Blue Raspberry Hosstility V2 is a golden ticket, and if you happen to find one, you win a Hosstile Starter Pack. The prize includes a branded lifting belt, Chaos gym bag, wrist wraps, and another full-size tub of the newest flavor extension of Hosstility V2.

To get in on the fun and purchase your tub of Blue Raspberry Hosstility V2, head over to and order it at $52.99, the same price as the special edition Raging Red Gummy, and that is for a bottle of 20 maximum servings loaded with highlights like 2g of NO3-T nitrates, 600mg of alpha-GPC, and 5g of creatine monohydrate.