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Infinis is following Hydration with an equally loaded and premium nootropic

Infinis Nutrition Previews Infinis Brain

Infinis Nutrition has garnered a considerable amount of attention recently, announcing that after its debut with the two premium supplements Ultra Pre-Workout and Ultra Greens, it is expanding into many other categories, all featuring a similar style of formula. We just witnessed the beginning of that expansion with Infinis Hydration, a truly loaded product built specifically for hydration but also featuring quality ingredients and effective dosages for performance, endurance, and muscle-building.

Continuing to follow through on its promise, Infinis Nutrition has revealed another completely new supplement, putting it into another area of the sports nutrition industry with the undoubtedly stacked nootropic product Infinis Brain. Similar to other competitors in the specialized nootropic space, this one is designed to comprehensively support focus, cognition, clarity, memory, and overall brain health; produced in capsule format and in typical Infinis style, it has a long list of premium ingredients.

We have yet to see the complete facts panel behind Infinis Brain, although, as mentioned, it features a similar sort of formula as Ultra Pre-Workout, Ultra Greens, and Infinis Hydration, squeezing in a larger list of ingredients than 99% of the competition. We do know it’ll include the likes of the increasingly popular and proven Cognizin, but that is just one of many branded components in the mix, not to mention the standard ingredients thrown in there, all of which will be revealed and shared later this week.