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Jack Owoc could be getting back into supplements with his next innovation

Jack Owoc Talks About Some Sort Of Innovation

Jack Owoc is the innovative founder behind VPX Sports and the many different supplements that brand has pumped out over the years and, of course, the Bang Energy Drink, acquired and now owned by the energy drink giant Monster Beverage Corporation. Since his departure from Bang Energy, it seems Owoc has not been wasting his downtime, sharing a post recently that suggests he may be getting back into the world of supplements or, at the very least, he has something very interesting up his sleeve.

In the post, Jack Owoc talks about drumming and the skill that goes into keeping a rhythm and the coordination between your hands and feet. Owoc claims to be far better now at drums than ever before, primarily thanks to a recent jump forward in performance that he blames on some sort of innovation he is about to share with the world. We could certainly be reading into this too much, but the words “innovation” and “performance” coming from Jack Owoc have us immediately thinking of supplements.

The innovation could easily be something else like a drumming technique, maybe a ground-breaking exercise, or even an intriguing new technique, although again, with a man who’s been in the sports nutrition industry for decades, an ingredient or whole new supplement seems most likely. We’ll be sure to share more details about what the one and only Jack Owoc has cooked up when we have it, regardless of whether it’s supplement-related, as we’re guessing and hoping, or an innovation from another industry.

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