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Alpha Lion blends together two of its own classic flavors to create Lion’s Juice

Lions Juice Superhuman Burn

Right on cue, four weeks after the release of March’s Viva Las Lemonade, Alpha Lion has announced its next limited edition Pre-Workout Of The Month flavor, and it’s actually a rather interesting one, blending together two different tastes. When we say two tastes, we don’t mean something traditional like Kiwi Strawberry or Raspberry Lemonade; the brand’s latest creation is a combination of two already complex flavors, introducing Lion’s Juice, which is a fusion of Lion’s Blood and Hulk Juice.

Alpha Lion’s Lion’s Juice does indeed blend together Lion’s Blood and Hulk Juice, two flavors that have been in its lineup for many years and available for the likes of its signature pre-workout Superhuman Pre. Lion’s Blood is the brand’s red gummy bear recipe, while Hulk Juice is a sour gummy bear, making for a sweet-loaded candy-like experience. Alpha Lion has also put together Lion’s Juice for its two fat-burning pre-workouts, Superhuman Burn and the caffeineless Superhuman Burn Stim-Free.

You’ll be able to purchase either or both of Alpha Lion’s newest Pre-Workout Of The Month Series products in three days on Wednesday, through, and as we always say with these drops, be quick as they are only around while stocks last or for just three days.

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