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Alpha Lion’s limited pre-workout series continues into March with Viva Las Lemonade

Alpha Lion Viva Las Lemonade Extreme And Pump

Like clockwork, the ever-reliable Pre-Workout Of The Month Series from Alpha Lion is back again, revealing and releasing a special edition flavor for two of its reliable pre-workout supplements and following last month’s acai blueberry recipe, Acai-Sauraus Rex. The flavor for the month of March comes with a Las Vegas theme in Viva Las Lemonade, which, as you could probably gather, is a lemonade-style experience but with a crisp twist as it’s a green apple lemonade.

Alpha Lion’s crisp and citrusy Viva Las Lemonade innovation has been put together for a stimulant pre-workout by way of Superhuman Extreme, and something that you can stack with Extreme or take by itself for better muscle pumps in Superhuman Pump. Both of those products will be going live in the brand’s online store in a couple of days this coming Monday, over at, and as per usual, they’ll be available for only a few days or until Alpha Lion sells through it all.