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Lyfelinez approaches the fiercely competitive hydration space with two separate products

Lyfelinez Hydration Supplements

Lyfelinez is an emerging sports nutrition brand that solely participates in the fast-growing and ever-evolving hydration category, and does so with two separate supplements, each centering around supporting hydration and performance but with alternative formulas. The names of the products are Hydro OG, the mainstream or everyday competitor in the space, then the other one is Hydro Fuel, which is a bit more advanced and geared more towards use during a workout to further performance.

As mentioned, both of the Lyfelinez supplements — Hydro OG and Hydro Fuel — are based around a blend of electrolytes to support hydration, performance, and recovery. The breakdowns of electrolytes vary between the products, but they have similar sources, including 300mg of salt, coconut water, which is at a gram in Hydro OG but 2.5g in Hydro Fuel, calcium citrate, sodium chloride, and magnesium oxide.

Lyfelinez Hydro Fuel

There are a few other ingredients in each Lyfelinez supplement, with the simpler and more-competitive Hydro OG pairing its hydration-supporting electrolytes with rhodiola extract at 200mg, acai berry, 2.5g of d-ribose, and 2g of taurine to complement and further the purpose of the product. As for Hydro Fuel, again, that’s geared more towards performance and benefits for exercise or working out, and the formula reflects that with added taurine, the multi-benefit muscle building Senactiv at 50mg, and 25g of carbohydrates per serving for fuel, and that’s all from the functional carb Palatinose isomaltulose.

The hydration category is absolutely exploding with new entries on all ends and in all formats with bulk powders, stick packs, and beverages, featuring simple and straightforward approaches to some exceptionally advanced formulas to really drive hydration, performance, and results. Lyfelinez is competing in that weekly growing space with a two-pronged approach in Hydro OG and Hydro Fuel, and they’re available in tubs of 30 servings directly from the UK brand at £24.99 and £29.99, respectively.