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Mammut makes its latest pre-workout stimulant-free and mostly about pumps

Mammut Nutrition Volta

The always intriguing Mammut Nutrition, unforgettably known for the cookies and cream flavor of protein powder that mixed into a jet black color, has released a pre-workout alongside its home country’s major health and fitness convention, FIBO. The supplement sounds like a rather intense competitor by the name of Mammut Volta; however, this one doesn’t actually involve energy of any sort; it is completely caffeine-free and is centered primarily around support muscle pumps.

Mammut Nutrition Volta comes packed full of reliable pump-powering ingredients and dosages, including 6.4g of citrulline malate at a 2:1 citrulline to malic acid ratio, 2.4g of arginine HCl, 158mg of grape seed, and a light half a gram of betaine. To round out the experience a little bit, the brand has added premium Cognivia sage extract at 200mg for mental focus and cognition, and for a touch of performance support there is 1.5g of the ever-present beta-alanine.

Mammut Nutrition doesn’t have many other pre-workouts available but Volta is its first stimulant-free one that has gone as complex as it has. Either way, it’s a solid and advanced pre-workout offering, helping mostly in the area of pumps but also focus and performance, and can easily be stacked with another pre-workout featuring stimulating caffeine for energy.

Mammut Nutrition already has its pre-workout debut Volta in stock and available for purchase directly from Best Body Shop, and the price of the supplement is not too bad for a bottle of 20 maximum servings, coming in at €27.99 (29.89 USD). When it comes to flavors, Volta has just one at the moment in Sizzle Orange, which isn’t too complex and should stack nicely if you decide to add the product to something with stimulants to add some energy and more focus to the mix.