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Introducing Poland’s Muscle Clinic and its colorful clear-style Smoothie protein powder

Muscle Clinic Smoothie

Smoothie is the most recently released supplement from the Polish sports nutrition brand Muscle Clinic, which certainly stood out at this year’s health and fitness event, FIBO, in Cologne, Germany. While the brand has an incredibly extensive selection of products available, it was the colorful Smoothie that got our attention at the convention. The Muscle Clinic catalog covers all of the major categories and then some, including pre-workout, protein powder, testosterone boosting, and weight management.

Muscle Clinic Smoothie is indeed another entry in the saturated protein powder category, going alongside its already available, more straightforward entries like the isolate-powered ISOTrain Up, the blend-style WheyUp, IsoMaxUp, and the high-calorie gainer, HitUp. The difference in Smoothie is that it takes the trending approach of clear protein, providing 26g of lean protein per serving, all from whey, and exclusively in fruity flavors with smooth Banana, sweet Strawberries, and refreshing Peach.

The clear-style protein powder Smoothie was launched by Muscle Clinic in its home country of Poland as well as surrounding countries and markets last month in what appears to be a short and small tub, although it still manages to squeeze in a typical 30 servings. Again, there are three flavors to start for the latest protein supplement from Muscle Clinic, all without any added sugar, and presumably, there will be more to come if it finds success, as WheyUp has grown to include a total of 20 different tastes.