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Caramel turns out to be one of three flavors of Muscle Nation’s cheesecake-style protein bar

Muscle Nation Three Flavors Of Cheesecake Protein Bar

Muscle Nation recently revealed its all-new Cheesecake Protein Bar, a protein snack that does its name justice, as it features a cheesecake-like blend of layers, including a crumbly biscuit base, a creamy cheesecake filling, and deliciously on-point ganache. The Australian brand announced the product in the one Caramel flavor, which is also an authentic collaboration, being put together in partnership with Nicholas Vavitis and his reputable and incredibly popular food company Choclt.

It turns out the Muscle Nation Cheesecake Protein Bar is not only hitting shelves with a lone Caramel option; there are actually two other tastes on its menu that aren’t collaborations with Nicholas Vavitis and Choclt. Alongside the Caramel Cheesecake Protein Bar is also Zesty Lemon, continuing the biscuit base but with a lemon cheesecake filling, lemon jam, and white chocolate coating, and Strawberry Dream, featuring a strawberry cheesecake filling, strawberry jam, and again, white chocolate.

The build and nutrition profiles of the Zesty Lemon and Strawberry Dream Muscle Nation Cheesecake Protein Bars are about the same as Caramel, although, of course, all of the flavor highlights relate back around to their title tastes. The Australian apparel, supplement, and functional company is currently getting ready to launch the Cheesecake Protein Bar, as it’s not on shelves yet but will be hitting the supermarket giant Woolworths, which has over 2,000 locations spread throughout the country.

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