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Myoblox also reworks its signature pre-workout and uniquely includes Immunolin

Myoblox 2024 Edition Of Loco

Another supplement that is going to be a part of Myoblox’s highly-anticipated return under its new ownership of Doug Miller of Core Nutritionals and Steven Salmon of MAN Sports, is its original stimulant pre-workout Loco. We already got a complete preview of the reputable brand’s nootropic Skywalk and the few changes that has undergone; here today, we have the pre-workout Loco and the various tweaks that has gone through for its resurrection, and there is a good amount of them.

The latest iteration of the Myoblox pre-workout Loco came a year or so ago, with one of the major features being the inclusion of the premium pump-enhancer Nitrosigine. The brand is really shifting things up a gear for the relaunch of its comprehensive pre-workout, which looks to support energy, focus, pumps, and performance but with a more robust combination of ingredients. The supplement has also become completely transparent for 2024, as that was not the case the last time it was reformulated.

Myoblox has packed its newly formulated Loco pre-workout with just as much for pumps and performance as it has energy and focus. The first pair of those benefits, the pumps and performance, is driven by the classic beta-alanine at 3.2g, 200mg of pine bark, 2.5g of betaine, 2g of taurine, and 10g of something called Trilline, a trademarked proprietary blend of pure citrulline, peptide bonded citrulline, and arginine HCl.

Myoblox Loco Label

Taking care of the energy and focus in Myoblox’s 2024 edition of Loco, an area the pre-workout has always had a pretty good experience in, you get 250mg of premium Cognizin for noticeable focus and cognition, 3g of tyrosine, huperzine A, 1.6g of another nootropic in the attention and reaction component NooLVL, and lastly 400mg of caffeine. One more highlight of the product is Immunolin, a clinically proven serum bovine immunoglobulin that improves immunity, gut health, recovery, and muscle building.

As mentioned, Myoblox has made its signature pre-workout Loco an even more comprehensive supplement for 2024, including more for pumps and a touch more for performance, really balancing out the whole thing. The inclusion of Immunolin is also an interesting twist, as it’s not a common feature in workout-centric products, especially pre-workouts, but a nice touch nonetheless. The product is coming to market next week, alongside the rest of the revamped Myoblox family of Skywalk, Blo, and Aminos.