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Myprotein fans can now get its Marvel superhero protein powders in individual tubs

Myprotein X Marvel Individual Tubs

International giant Myprotein recently released another authentic collaboration, where it has teamed up with the other comic book giant Marvel, after partnering with DC Comics on several occasions for products themed around the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman. Together with Marvel, Myprotein has created four superhero-inspired flavors of its signature Clear Whey Protein, including Spider-Man’s Strawberry Raspberry, Hulk’s Plum Kiwi, Captain Marvel’s Orange Mango Tropical, and Black Panther’s Blue Raspberry.

When Myprotein first made its authentic Marvel collaboration series available for purchase, it was by way of a special edition box set, where you could only get a single tub of any of the four Superhero protein powders in combination with a stainless steel shaker and samples of the other three. That meant if you wanted full-size tubs of Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther’s flavors of Clear Protein, you’d have to pay £49.99 four times, although thankfully, that has changed this week as they’ve gone live individually.

If you head over to, you can now pay £36.99 (45.83 USD) for a 20 serving tub of the authentic Marvel superhero protein powders, giving you the chance to get one of each of the four flavors, without paying for the eye-catching special edition box, stainless steel shaker, and samples. The products are all limited-time launches, so get in sooner rather than later, as they’re aren’t around for long.

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