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NutriFitt gets into another unfamiliar category with its testosterone booster Phage

Nutriftt Phage

The team at NutriFitt recently expanded into a category it had yet to touch, outside of its reputable stimulant-powered supplements and workout-orientated items, with something to increase and enhance the crucial nighttime recovery window, introducing the sleep aid Silence. The brand is back again about a month later, taking on another area of sports nutrition it had yet to expand into with Phage, a product in classic capsule format and formulated specifically to boost testosterone.

All of NutriFitt’s supplements don’t play around with formulas, stacking as much as they can for a premium price point regarding ingredients and dosages, and all of that is focused around the primary purpose. In the case of Phage, as mentioned, the aim of the game is to naturally boost testosterone and support all of the benefits that come from that, including muscle building, performance, strength, recovery, and virility, and there are 11 components in there to ensure that happens.

Nutrifitt Phage Label

NutriFitt’s Phage includes many of your common testosterone-boosting ingredients, such as shilajit at 200mg, 100mg of DIM, boron, zinc, vitamin D, half a gram of fenugreek, and 300mg of longjack. Some of the not-so-common components lining the brand’s debut in the test booster space are 300mg of Zenha branded ashwagandha, 150mg of calcium d glucarate, a solid one gram of the increasingly popular fadogia, and 400mg of the Endosurge blend used in NutriFitt’s pump capsule product.

For its first testosterone booster, NutriFitt has done a solid job in Phage, but again, we’ve seen in string together quality formulas in all of the advanced supplements it’s brought to market, so it’s not too surprising that it continues that approach and reputation here. You can grab NutriFitt’s latest drop straight from its online store at where you will pay a fitting premium price of $59.99 before any coupons, and that’ll get you a bottle of 30 servings to last a typical month.