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Edible supplement specialist Olly adds a family of chews to support energy, calm and focus

Olly Brainy Chews

Brainy L’Olly Pops is the unique new functional sweet from the health and wellness supplement company Olly, which was a surprise to see as we had yet to see ingredients like those that are in the series of Focus Buddies and Mellow Buddies, squeezed into a delicious lollipop. Focus Buddies is the nootropic product of the two with B vitamins, omega-3 ALA, and a solid 250mg of the premium, proven, and effective Cognizin; then, in Mellow Buddies, there is choline, theanine, and omega-3 ALA to help you relax and unwind.

Olly has also made another family of similarly minded edible supplements called Brainy Chews, which puts a selection of functional ingredients into bite-sized chewable candies, hence the name. While there are two items filling up the Brainy L’Olly Pops Series, there are three in Brainy Chews. Those different products include Energized Thinker, built for energy; Chill Thinker, offering a calming and relaxing experience like Mellow Buddies; and lastly, Focused Thinker, supporting concentration, focus, and cognition.

Olly’s Brainy Chews products certainly back their titles and claimed benefits with reliable ingredients, with Energized Thinker coming with the omega-3-ALA seen in Brainy L’Olly Pops, plus B vitamins and a light 70mg of caffeine. Next is Chill Thinker, combining omega-3-ALA with theanine at a strong 200mg, then you have Focused Thinker, omega-3-ALA and a strong 300mg of the caffeine-free stimulant enXtra.

The Brainy Chews collection is quite comprehensive and does a great job at putting Olly and its giant catalog of gummy and other edible supplements into the nootropic category, albeit in a rather simple and tame manner, but it’s a bunch of entries nonetheless. Olly has also actually priced all of its Brainy Chews Series products the same as its two Brainy L’Olly Pops at $19.99 for a bottle, although you do get slightly fewer servings at 20 single-chew servings, compared to the 25 single-lollipop servings of Brainy L’Olly Pops.