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Performax’s powerhouse pre-workout Hyper Max’d is back and here to stay

Performax Labs Brings Back Hyper Maxd Out For Good

Hyper Max’d Out was Performax Labs’ premium version of its legendary stimulant-powered pre-workout Hypermax, which has gone through various versions over the years, but each of them has been category-leading. Hyper Max’d came at a higher price than any of the brand’s past iterations of Hypermax, and it gives you a host of additional ingredients and powerhouse dosages to justify that difference and deliver an experience that is even better than the top-rated original.

Performax Labs initially introduced Hyper Max’d Out as a limited edition item, something that was only going to be around temporarily, and that time did come and go last year when it debuted in Dragon Fruit and Tiger’s Blood flavors. The news today is something that excites us, as well as fans of the brand and pre-workouts in general, as the demand for the premium supplement has been so great since its departure that Performax Labs is bringing back Hyper Max’d Out permanently.

You can now head to Performax Labs’ online store at and find Hyper Max’d Out in stock and available for purchase at its original price of $59.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings. The supplement is worth every but of that extra cost, and then some, and to celebrate is return and permanent position in the brand’s lineup, you can use the code “MAXD” for 15% discount to bring the pre-workout down to an almost unmissable $50.99 in the same two flavors.

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