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PharmaFreak Giveaway: Be in to win a tub of the pre-workout collaboration Stacked Freak

Pharmafreak Stacked Freak Weekly Giveaway

Stacked Freak is the recently released pre-workout that PharmaFreak developed with the team here at Stack3d, offering a balanced blend of support for energy, focus, pumps, and performance, with the likes of citrulline at 6g, betaine at 5g, and a reliable 375mg of caffeine. The supplement hit the market last week with availability through the brand’s official online store at, which ships all around the world, and while the price on it is $44.16, if you sign up to PharmaFreak’s email that drops to $35.32.

To celebrate the debut of the PharmaFreak pre-workout collaboration Stacked Freak, we’re running a multi-week giveaway over on Instagram, where we have one full-size tub of the supplement up for grabs every week for the next three weeks. It is very simple to get yourself in with a chance to win one of those; find the contest post in our profile, follow the steps in the caption, making sure you complete them to a tee, and wait for the winner of each week’s Stacked Freak giveaway to be announced the following week.