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Vitalpilz Series brings standalone mushroom extracts to ProFuel in Germany

Profuel Vitalpilz Mushroom Extracts

Germany’s sports nutrition competitor, ProFuel, has added a family of single-ingredient mushroom extract supplements, each of them named after their one and only component, and they all fall under the series Vitalpilz. Each of the products comes in capsule format and keeps the price nice and consistent, as no matter which of the three standalone supplements you grab directly from the brand’s online store at, you’ll pay €19.95 (21.29 USD) for a bottle of 180 capsules or 60, three-capsule servings.

The items filling out ProFuel’s Vitalpilz series are Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps; again, they’re all named after their main ingredient. Lion’s Man and Reishi both have 2g in three capsules and the third entry, Cordyceps, sits a touch higher at 2.1g in a serving of three pills. ProFuel goes the extra mile for these products too, where on their individual pages on its website, there are laboratory analysis reports showing that they’ve been tested for their individual mushroom extracts and dosage accuracy.