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Project #1 jumps into hydration with 2.5g of electrolytes in each of its 90 servings

Project 1 Nutrition Electrolytes

Hydration supplements have become what amino acid products were several years ago; something that sports nutrition brands make a priority to include in their catalog for consumers to use during their workout or throughout the day. The amount of companies that have put together a dedicated hydration product has been astonishing and it continues week after week, with Project #1 Nutrition being the latest to get in on the category with its simply named supplement Electrolytes.

Project #1 Nutrition doesn’t do anything too different or advanced for its hydration competitor, building it around a combination of essential electrolytes to fuel hydration, performance, and recovery. The breakdown in each serving of the supplement is 200mg each of calcium and magnesium, 595mg of chloride, a hefty 1g of sodium, and half a gram of potassium. It relies on a robust selection of sources, including coconut water, sodium chloride, and calcium and magnesium citrate.

Project 1 Nutrition Electrolytes Label

While the formula behind Project #1 Nutrition’s Hydration is to the point and purely electrolyte-focused, it stands out with strong dosages being one of the rare supplements with over a combined total of 2g of electrolytes. The product also offers great value, as instead of the usual 30 servings a bottle or even double, Project #1 has put in a hefty 90 servings to last three months if used daily or four and a half if used during training at five times a week. The price of the supplement is a little higher than its competition due to that sizeable 90 servings at $54.95 in Berry and Lemon Lime flavors.