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Dynamine and 350mg of caffeine step in for Raw’s Charged version of Essential Pre-Workout

Raw Nutrition Essential Charged Pre Workout 1

Raw Nutrition recently previewed an all-new version of its popular, cost-effective pre-workout, the appropriately named Essential Pre-Workout, featuring a straightforward blend of reliable ingredients and dosages to comprehensively support energy, focus, pumps, and performance. That new variant is called Essential Charged Pre-Workout, which had us thinking it could be maybe a higher stimulant spin-off, potentially losing some of that well-roundedness for more intensely supported energy and focus.

It turns out we were right on the money, as Raw Nutrition’s upcoming Essential Charged Pre-Workout is indeed a more stimulant-focused version of the original Essential Pre-Workout. The two supplements have many ingredients in common, but as suspected, the formula powering Charged is not as balanced, with no taurine in favor of more focus support, an additional premium stimulant, and a much higher level of caffeine compared to the regular product’s rather moderate 200mg of natural caffeine a serving.

IngredientsPer Serving
Vitamin B125mcg
Caffeine Anhydrous350mg
Pink Himalayan Salt200mg
Dynamine (40%)156mg

Essential Charged Pre-Workout still looks to support pumps and performance by way of 6g of pure citrulline, 50% more than Essential Pre-Workout’s 4g, the same 3.2g of beta-alanine, and 200mg of the quality electrolyte source, pink Himalayan salt. Where Raw Nutrition’s Charged spin-off mixes things up is on the stimulant side of things where tyrosine is still there at 2g for focus, but in addition to that is 400mg of alpha-GPC for further support, 100mg of theobromine, 156mg of Dynamine standardized to 40%, and as mentioned, that much higher hit of caffeine at 350mg of classic caffeine anhydrous, no natural caffeine.

It is clear Essential Pre-Workout has proven very popular with Raw Nutrition’s many fans and followers, which presumably encouraged the production of Essential Fat Burner with all of the same principals, and now we have the higher stimulant Essential Charged Pre-Workout. It’s great to see the brand didn’t take much away from the pump and performance side and realistically only added more energy and focus, particularly the Dynamine and high caffeine, to give you that noticeably more charged experience.