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Total War Pump gives fans of Redcon1 a more robust stimulantless pre-workout

Redcon1 Total War Pump

The all-new and long-awaited Total War Pump, replacing Redcon1’s original Big Noise, has arrived, and the goal behind the supplement is much the same as Big Noise, with a formula built specifically to support muscle pumps and mental focus. One of the more prominent features of the product is that it doesn’t have any stimulants, making it an ideal solution for a late-night pre-workout or a nice and easy way to add extra pumps and focus to the brand’s core competitor, Total War.

Redcon1’s Total War Pump is actually a more complete stimulantless pre-workout, which has been a bit of a trend in this sort of supplement over the last few years. Originally caffeine-free products focused entirely on enhancing muscle pumps for them to be taken alone or with a stimulant pre-workout. Sports nutrition brands have recently evolved into supporting every benefit that isn’t caffeine-driven energy, so you get a robust experience, not just pumps, and that can be seen in Total War Pump.

Redcon1 Total War Pump Label

The formula in Redcon1’s latest supplement innovation includes a solid 6g of pure citrulline and a gram of HydroMax glycerol to power pumps, and for hydration and performance, there is a full 3.2g of beta-alanine and the electrolyte source, pink Himalayan salt. Rounding out the experience are a few focus and concentration components in rhodiola at 200mg in a maximum single-scoop serving, choline, and a gram of tyrosine, again supporting all of the core pre-workout benefits outside of energy.

Redcon1’s Total War Pump can be stacked with the regular Total War without any concerning crossover, as the only ingredients they have in common are beta-alanine and citrulline for pumps and performance, but the combined dosages mostly push to the maximum at 6.4g and about 10g of straight citrulline. The price of Total War Pump is actually lower than Total War at $34.99, but it is for 33% fewer servings at 20 maximum or 40 regular in four flavors, including Watermelon Slushy and Sour Gummy Bear.