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Pandy squeezes all sorts of chocolate into the latest flavor of its always-enjoyable protein bar

Salty Fudge Brownie Pandy Protein Bar

Swedish better-for-you candy company Pandy is also the maker of an absolutely delicious, self-titled Pandy Protein Bar, and it is genuinely enjoyable. The product has a typical build of a thick and dense base topped with a sweet and gooey layer then it’s all wrapped in realistic milk chocolate. It all started with three different flavors but has since expanded well beyond that, and this week, it has another tasty creation to choose from by way of a Salty Fudge Brownie Pandy Protein Bar.

The main doughy body of Pandy’s all-new Salty Fudge Brownie has a fitting fudge brownie taste to it, then layered across the top of that is a mouthwatering creamy and salty chocolate sauce, and lastly, you have a hard outer covering of milk chocolate mixed together with a sprinkle of cocoa nibs. The macros on Salty Fudge Brownie are right in line with the other options of the product in 11g of protein, reasonable for its compact 35g size, with 11g of carbohydrates, 6g of fat, and 130 calories.

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