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Hydration specialist Sharkbite makes a bottle that opens your stick pack for you

We recently introduced the hydration newcomer Sharkbite Hydration and its flagship supplement, which is indeed all about the category and comes with a comprehensive selection of electrolytes to support hydration, performance, and recovery. There is another rather intriguing feature to the company, and that comes in the form of how you consume its self-titled Sharkbite Hydration product, as it uniquely sells a bottle that makes consuming its stick-pack supplement an even more convenient process.

Sharkbite Hydration’s signature shaker is simply called The Bottle, and what makes it different is that it doesn’t require you to tear open a stick pack in order to get its contents into the liquid. The way it works is it has a separate slot that you pour your water into and also slide a stick pack in that is then held captive in a cage attached to the top. Once inside and the cap is closed, you can twist the lid to slice open the stick pack, releasing its powder into the liquid while keeping the stick pack in its compartment.

It’s an incredibly innovative way to approach the need to tear open a stick pack and pour it into your shaker or drink bottle, adding a nice, convenient element to the young and growing hydration-focused company. The price of the brand’s boldly named The Bottle, is $29.99, around the same as you’d pay for a premium shaker bottle with the traditional ball and grill mixing technology, and you can purchase it alongside the different flavors and versions of Sharkbite Hydration over on

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