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Sneak introduces another incredibly well-put-together product campaign in Sneakvision

Sneak has done it again, cooked up another incredibly well-put-together product launch regarding the actual items it involves, the creativity behind the purpose of each of them, and the marketing that’s gone into it, all of which ties together perfectly. Sneak’s latest effort is called Sneakvision, inspired heavily by the iconic movie rental store Blockbuster, and it involves three different products, all of them extremely intriguing, and, of course, there is a matching shaker bottle and some apparel.

Sneakvision is the collection of two powder supplements and another innovative Sneak Labs-type item that sees the UK-based Sneak dip into an unfamiliar format. The supplements are special edition flavors of the brand’s signature energy and focus formula, Sneak Energy and its milkshake spin-off Sneak Shake. The flavor for the regular Sneak Energy, or Sneakvision as it’s called for this launch, is Mountain Juice, a citrus taste experience, and the other one is a Toffee Popcorn Sneak Shake.

Sneakvision Collection

As for that very interesting Sneak Labs item, alongside the Sneakvision supplements, is Sneakvision popcorn. This is actual popcorn in a sweet and salty Butterscotch flavor but with a Sneak twist where it is infused with caffeine, giving you that familiar movie snack experience with uplifting energy.

All of this Sneakvision excitement has been delivered and marketed with another great campaign by Sneak, leading to a four-minute video starring the legendary actor Eric Roberts, which is well worth checking out and impressive knowing it’s all from a gaming supplement company. Sneak is looking to launch its Mountain Juice Sneak Energy, Toffee Popcorn Sneak Shake, and caffeinated popcorn direct on Thursday of next week, both individually and in a matching special edition box set.

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