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Highly requested Stack3d region feature filters news from specific markets around the world

Stack3d Region Feature

One of the longest-running requests we’ve had here at Stack3d is the ability to segment the different regions we cover of the sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drink industries. Basically, create sections on the website for the daily news for major markets around the world. We have indeed gone ahead and done that in what are essentially filters, where you head to as per normal to see everything, then separate pages to only see, for example, all of the content out of Europe.

In the menu on every page you’ll now see a “Regions” submenu consisting of Europe, Oceania, and Asia. These are the areas we’ve split things up into, to begin with: Europe includes the likes of Sweden, Germany, Poland, and the UK, Oceania mostly centers around Australia and New Zealand, and Asia covers countries such as Japan, China, Korea, and India. These were the biggest markets for the daily news service we provide, but they will be added to, with potential regions like South America and Africa.

As per usual, if you have any comments, queries, or feedback, reach out via our contact page, and we’d be happy to hear it all and even make modifications based on requests, which was the entire reason behind the new Region feature at Stack3d. On another note, we are gradually making our way through the list of content to be filtered as Europe, Oceania, and Asia, and will likely complete it all in the coming days.

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