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Protein cookie specialist EQ Food is adding two mouthwatering protein cookie flavors in June

Eq Food Double Choc And Choc Mint Cookies

Zombie Labs teases a fat burner, hydration, protein powder or collagen-based product

Zombie Labs Previews A Mysterious Potential Protein

The Man Shake gets into weight loss and energy for men and women with Boost

The Man Shake Boost

OxyShred Energy Drink is getting a splash of watermelon at Woolworths supermarkets

Juicy Watermelon Oxyshred Energy Drink

Introducing women’s supplement brand Athena from the makers of Musashi

Introducing Athena Supplements

Viking Power rampages on into the specialized category of glucose disposal agents

Viking Power Gungnir

High-powered Viking Power moves into the anti-aging space with Idun’s Blessing

Viking Power Iduns Blessing

Pear Blaze pushes the menu of Viking Power’s signature pre-workout to a total of five

Viking Power Pear Blaze Thors Hammer

Versatile stimulant-free fat burner follows Viking Power’s natural anabolic Gleipnir

Viking Power Loki

Unstoppable Viking Power combines turk and laxo for a versatile muscle-builder

Viking Power Gleipnir

After two-and-a-half years Happy Way is discontinuing and clearing out its pre-workout

Happy Way Discontinues Charge Up Pre Workout

Australia’s Hercules Supplements hits all of the key categories with competitive formulas

Hercules Supplements