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Wild Strawberry closing out the Spring season for GAAM Nutrition and its energy drink

Wild Strawberry Gaam Energy Drink

GAAM Nutrition has a new taste for its signature GAAM Energy Drink, the first extension for the anytime energy beverage since its incredibly intriguing and extremely mysterious Mystery Flavor launched early last month. Kicking off the month of April for the Proteinbolaget house brand is an obviously titled Wild Strawberry GAAM Energy, combining the beverage’s simple selection of active ingredients with that familiar strawberry taste experience, all without any sugar or carbohydrates and just one calorie a can.

Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition power their GAAM Energy Drink with a reliable set of components, including in the new Wild Strawberry flavor, with a variety of vitamins and the typical amount of caffeine for energy drinks in Sweden with 180mg. Regular consumers of the beverage will already know Wild Strawberry is joining an already-loaded lineup, as GAAM Energy has close to 20 flavors to choose from, all of them available for purchase individually, in cases, and in bulk bundles over at