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Monster is hosting an immersive event with the artist behind Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red

Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red Immersive Event

Monster’s latest flavor of its hugely popular and internationally successful Monster Ultra energy drink got a lot of attention, not just because every extension to the family gets a great response from its massive fanbase but because it also has an eye-catching twist to its branding. The recently released and, of course, great-tasting Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red Monster Energy Drink is the only flavor of the Ultra Series to have multiple colors in its background artwork with stripes of red, then pink, and on the right, a pale blue.

Monster actually teamed up with a specific artist for the design seen on the Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red Monster Energy Drink in Mark “Pinky” Taylor. To further celebrate the partnership and recent rollout of the pink Pamplemousse-flavored beverage, the brand is hosting an immersive and interactive event in New York City set to bring Monster and Pinky’s vision to life. It’ll be further supported with music from DJ Odalys, although the details of precisely when and where all of this is going to happen seem to be private.

Those attending the Monster and Pinky collaboration event will get the chance to experience all of the intricate features of the mysterious celebration, as well as try the sweet, grapefruity, and sugar-free Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red Monster Energy Drink.