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Kaged co-founder Kris Gethin confirms involvement in the new brand Unmatched

Unmatched Supplements Involving Kris Gethin

Unmatched Supplements is an all-new brand that is launching soon from the sports nutrition veteran Doug Miller, the man behind many other successful competitors, including ‘Merica Labz, Arms Race Nutrition, and, of course, his original Core Nutritionals. Previously, all we knew was that Unmatched would be a supplement company, and judging by the name and Doug’s involvement, it’ll center around the world of sports nutrition, typically involving the likes of pre-workout, muscle-building, protein powder, and so on.

The latest update from Unmatched Supplements gives us even more idea of what we’re about to get from the upcoming brand, not because we have any more information on the products themselves, but because we know who else is involved. The newcomer has posted a picture of someone’s hand over the top of presumably a tub of an Unmatched supplement, and if you’re at all familiar with the tattooed side of the one and only Kris Gethin, you’ll immediately realize it is the Kaged co-creator’s hand in the picture.

This clearly means Kris Gethin is involved with Unmatched Supplements, whether it’s as an ambassador or even part owner, as it wouldn’t be the first time Doug Miller has built out a brand with someone else as a partner. Kris did indeed part ways with his original sports nutrition company, Kaged, around this time last year, so he is certainly in the position to take on something new and different, like Unmatched, but more importantly, he brings a mountain of experience and knowledge to the table on top of Doug’s expertise.

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