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Fast-paced Vast makes a single-serving sachet version of its flavored cream of rice

Vast Rice Pudding Single Packs

Vast is another European brand developing quite rapidly this year, and this week, we are getting an expansion of its traditional cream of rice supplement, Rice Pudding, which is very simply, cream of rice with some tasty flavoring ingredients. The product has been on the market for a while with five different tastes to choose from, including the likes of Double Vanilla and Triple Chocolate, as well as a neutral option called Pure, but the latest from the German supplement company is not another addition to that menu.

Vast has decided to make its cream of rice offering Rice Pudding a bit more convenient, or at least offer a more convenient alternative, with single-serving sachets. You can purchase the packets individually at €2.20 or grab a slightly discounted box of ten at €19.90. The tear-and-serve product is available in all five Rice Pudding flavors, leaving out the stackable or mixable Pure, and in the box option, there is a variety bundle that has two sachets of each flavor for newcomers to try the entire menu of the cream of rice.

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