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Vast powers its premium stim-free pre-workout with full dosages of CarnoSyn and Nitrosigine

Vast V8 Nitro

One of the faster-growing sports nutrition brands out of Europe, Vast, has been nothing but impressive since we started following and sharing updates, and it simply does not stop, even when handling the busyness of FIBO this past weekend. While the reputable company was indeed exhibiting in Cologne, it has followed that up with the introduction of a completely new expansion to its V8 family of pre-workouts with V8 Nitro, a stimulant-free supplement designed primarily to enhance muscle pumps as well as focus.

V8 Nitro is promoted as a pump and focus-powering pre-workout, but it actually has more to it. Vast has taken more of a well-rounded approach on this one, filling it with ingredients for those two highlighted benefits but also components to support performance and endurance. That includes a full and effective 3.2g of the high-quality CarnoSyn branded beta-alanine, which is one six main drivers in V8 Nitro.

Vast V8 Nitro Label

Vast’s stimulant-free pre-workout combines CarnoSyn beta-alanine with 6g of citrulline malate, 1.5g of another premium feature in Nitrosigine, and 2.5g of BetaPower branded betaine to deliver on that promise of better, stronger, and enhanced muscle pumps. There is also 1.6g of VitaCholine choline bitartrate and a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine to improve focus and cognition; then lastly, you get the ever-present AstraGin to help with absorption and uptake, and simply get more out of the supplement.

The newly released V8 Nitro can be purchased directly from Vast’s online store at, and if you get in soon, you can still take advantage of its celebratory FIBO sale. The regular price on the growing brand’s latest pre-workout innovation is €39.90 (42.45 USD), the same as a bottle of the premier, stimulant-backed V8 pre-workout. For the brand’s FIBO promotion, that drops 20% to €31.92 (33.96 USD) for a tub of 20 maximum servings in your choice of Pumpberry, Peach Nectarine, and Tropical pump flavors.